Overflow & Backup

A better way for Identifying impending overflows

The iTracker 1st ResponseTM is a fully integrated, battery powered Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Back-Up Prevention Monitor capable of alerting municipal personnel within minutes of an impending overflow or basement back-up condition.

Eastech has developed a low-cost cellular-based sensor (iTracker 1st ResponseTM) capable of proactively alerting O&M personnel in real time of an impending overflow or backup weeks prior to the event actually taking place.

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This immediacy in response can be critically important when faced with regulatory agency fines, distraught homeowners and potential lawsuits.

The key to environmental compliance is to never allow the event to happen in the first place. Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and basement backups, besides always having been illegal under the Clean Water Act, are also subject to large regulatory fines. These events can cause health hazards, damage homes and businesses, threaten the environment and pollute local waterways.

Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Back-Up Prevention Monitor

Early-Warning Cellular Alerts

Upon wastewater levels reaching a user-defined height, early- warning cellular text messages are dispatched alerting maintenance personnel of the possibility of a surcharge event or residential back-up. To confirm that an alert was received, a user response must be activated otherwise the alert will be resent on a continual basis. Depending upon desired battery life (up to 3 years), manholes may be monitored at pre-determined, user-selectable time intervals.

Identifying the problem

The 1st Response, in conjunction with the SewerWatch® App, provides O&M personnel with access to historical data informing them of exactly what had previously transpired within the collection system leading up to an early warning alert.

As can be determined from the historical data, the overflow alert was initiated by a gradually increasing downstream blockage problem.


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The iTracking edge

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