Micro I&I Detection

Locating I&I down to adjacent manholes

A better way for pinpointing inflow & infiltration

In case after case, extensive studies have proven that 80% of all I&I originates in just 20% of the collection system.

By having the ability to deliver over 40 times the detection capability of portable-type flow meters, patented iTrackin® technology provides the means to locate and pinpoint inflow and infiltration to within a single pair of adjacent manholes.

Currently available methods for locating I&I, such as portable flow meters are expensive, time-consuming to install, and difficult to maintain.

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Doppler flow meters are also technologically inefficient due to theit 2-4 mile upstream piping requirement for accurately ascertaining flow. Alternative methods, such as nightime Flow Isolation, require expensive and time-consuming confined space entries while only providing a “snapshot” of true system performance.

Zeroing in on the problem

Since 80% of I&I is contributed by 20% of the system, then pinpointing its cause to within adjacently located manholes is the key to a successful Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study.

When compared to portable flow meters, iTracking® technology decreases previously required 2 to 4 mile basin investigation lengths down to a single pair of adjoining manholes. Through a simple 3-step process, iTracker® Micro Detection Sensors can deliver from 40 to 80 times the I&I detection capability of conventional flow metering systems.

iTracker® Wi-Fi Enabled Sensors

iTracking® is the patented integration of low cost sensors, wireless connectivity and high speed analytics.

iTracker® sensors, weighing just 1.9 pounds, monitor wastewater collection system performance on a continual basis without the requirement for confined-space entry, repetitive maintenance and “in the road” data collection. Operating data is safely and effortlessly retrieved through either Wi-Fi or Cellular enabled technology.

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Major basins
Major basins

Advanced Analytics

High visualization bar graphs automatically display manhole segments responsible for the greatest influx of I&I.

Detailed hydrographs present a clear understanding of collection system performance in terms of level, volume and flow.

Results reports are efficiently delivered in a consolidated manner relating to each site under analysis.

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