SewerWatch The first mobile app for sewer assessment

An everyday tool for wastewater infrastructure assessment

The new SewerWatch App, along with iTracker® sensing technology, now makes it possible for maintenance personnel to simply and quickly assess the condition of their collection network.

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By the simple use of a smart device, utility personnel now have immediate access to the condition and performance of their wastewater collection network. The new SewerWatch™ App, makes it possible to carry out 9 different condition assessments from any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Hang a Wi-Fi enabled iTracker® sensor over the center of the trough at the bottom of your manhole.


Grab the data with your Wi-Fi enabled smart device by auto-connecting to the iTracker’s® onboard server.


View your daily, weekly and monthly operating performance in real-time or in “at-a-glance” graphical formats.

Get Connected and know the condition of your collection network

Without ever leaving the safety of your vehicle or sidewalk, know exactly how your wastewater collection grid is performing. Low cost Wi-Fi enabled iTracker® sensors, weighing less than 2 pounds and requiring only 20 minutes for installation, quickly connect to your Sewerwatch App displaying an array of “on demand” windows into the daily operation of your wastewater network. Simply connect to the iTracker® with any smart device, wait a few seconds for the SewerWatch App to appear, and watch all your questions get answered.

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Inflow & Infiltration

The process of locating Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) has never been easy or field-friendly. By strategically placing low cost iTracker® sensors within segments of the collection system suspected of contributing I&I, O&M personnel can visit each site, and with their smart device, determine exactly what changes in volume transpired during each wet weather event.

Volumetric Change History (30 day):
A quick rise in volume followed by a gradual decrease denotes the presence of both inflow and infiltration



Problematic manholes are immediately assessed “at-a-glance” in easy to understand graphical formats. 24-hour, 7-day and 30-day performance graphs can be quickly accessed with any smart device either for early-warning maintenance purposes or for determining exactly what had previously transpired within the system leading up to an overflow or backup event.

Level History (30 day):
An instantaneous jump in level points to a downstream blockage as being the probable cause of the overflow


Scheduled Maintenance

35% of all municipal sewer lines are jetted unnecessarily ultimately resulting in huge amounts of wasted time, money and clean water. The primary reason for this problem is simple; a scarcity of information relating to current operating conditions. By using SewerWatch™ as a predictive tool to provide positive confirmation of the need for cleaning, the problem disappears.

Level History (30 day):
A gradually increasing diurnal flow pattern designates the necessity for cleaning due to the probable build-up of fats, oil or grease

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