Smart Wastewater Infrastructure Management

Actionable Solutions for Wastewater Collection Networks

Through the unique coupling of low-cost sensors, wireless connectivity and high-speed analytics, it is now possible to cost effectively deliver extremely reliable and actionable solutions for the efficient and sustainable operation of wastewater collection networks.

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One Great Technology, Four Great Solutions

Finally, advancements in digital technology have reached a point where it is now possible to create an intelligent wastewater grid capable of:

iTracker® Wi-Fi Enabled Sensors

iTracking® is the patented integration of low cost sensors, wireless connectivity and high speed analytics.

iTracker® sensors, weighing just 1.9 pounds, monitor wastewater collection system performance on a continual basis without the requirement for confined-space entry, repetitive maintenance and “in the road” data collection.

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Simple and Safe Operation

Wi-Fi and cellular enabled iTracker sensors allow for remote data retrieval direct from the safety of your vehicle, sidewalk or office. The days of having to place yourself in the middle of flowing traffic to download data are history.

At-A-Glance Analysis

With the simple “click” of a button, analytical charts, hydrographs and automated reports appear on your mobile device or PC clearly detailing the day-to-day performance of your wastewater collection grid.

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